Office Space Outside of Seattle Offers More

Seattle traffic has never been worse, so come work outside of the big city!

Does it seem like traffic is getting progressively worse in the Seattle area? Do you feel like you spent way more time on the road than in years past? Well, you aren’t wrong, and you’re certainly not alone in your observations. In 2018, the average commuter driving into Seattle spent 138 hours stuck in traffic. That equates to $1,932 in wasted time and resources – per driver. To top it off, that’s an increase of 22% from just 2 years ago!

With the growing urbanization of previously rural suburbs throughout King County and Western Washington, small businesses are finally seeing the importance of providing the same inner-city experience but much closer to home. Maple Valley is a prime example of that small-town feel with an ever-increasing number of city amenities.

Increased retail and business opportunities

The city has seen a boom in new mixed-use, retail, and commercial projects over the last few years expanding the offerings of a once small town. In addition to dining and retail offerings, visitors and residents enjoy the connection to the outdoors at the same time. With access to picturesque Lake Wilderness Park along with countless biking and hiking trails, Maple Valley is the perfect combination of business and pleasure.

Maple Valley Park Place is proud to be an example of this dichotomy with convenient access to major arterials (Highway 18 and State Route 169) as well as to the Cedar River Trail. MVPP offers more than your typical multi-use facility. With both luxury, fully furnished office space as well as blank canvas warehouse shells available, you’re only limited by your imagination. There are also a number of hyper-local, highly rated restaurants to surprise your staff for an afternoon lunch or enchant your clients with a 4-course meal. Truly, there is no better place to work (and it’s practically in your own backyard!).

When you’re ready to ditch the commute for a more enjoyable workspace, give us a call. We’d love to help get you set up in a space that is functional, beautiful and closer to home!